# Monday, April 11, 2005

Back in November, I got around to using Scott's cool routine for resizing DataGrid columns automatically. Now that I'm using it more often, I decided I wanted to make it a little more generic so that I didn't have to rewrite it for each DataGrid that I used it on.

With a simple change to using the 'sender', I no longer need to do any editing. Drop it in and wire it up! it's ready to go.

/// <summary>

/// Automatically resize the columns of a DataGrid to fit the

/// data within

/// </summary>

/// <param name="sender">The DataGrid that needs resizing</param>

/// <param name="e"></param>

private void DataSourceChanged( object sender, System.EventArgs e )




    Type       t = sender.GetType();

    MethodInfo m = t.GetMethod( "ColAutoResize", BindingFlags.NonPublic

      | BindingFlags.Instance );


    for( int i = ( (DataGrid) sender ).FirstVisibleColumn;

      ( i < ( (DataGrid) sender ).VisibleColumnCount ); i++ )


      m.Invoke( sender, new object[] {i} );



  catch( Exception ex )


    System.Diagnostics.Trace.Write( "Failed Resizing Columns: "

      + ex.ToString() );



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# Sunday, April 10, 2005

If you missed the chance last month to meet Jason Mauer, Microsoft's new Developer Evangelist (formerly Jim Blizzard, the father of the Portland Nerd Dinner), then you really need to come this month. This guy is Great! He's going to rock our development world in all new ways.

So, with that quick introduction, let's all have a Nerd Dinner!!

What: Portland Nerd Dinner
Where: Washington Square Mall food court
When: Tuesday, April 19, starting around 6:30 PM
Why: 'Cuz it's Spring, baby and we've got a new DE in town!

Be there and be square.

Spread the word!

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Hello Everyone! Spring is in the air!

It's once again, time to let everyone know what we have planned for the PADNUG meeting. I have to say how excited I am for this months presentation. Not only will the subject be interesting, but I've seen a lot of presentations from both of these gentlemen and know they are great to see and hear.

WHAT: April PADNUG meeting.

Wednesday 04/27/2005
6:00 p.m. Pizza, Sponsored by 3Leaf
6:30 p.m. Presentation

WHERE: PCC Auditorium at Capital Center
18640 NW Walker Road
Beaverton, Oregon
The auditorium is in room 1508 through entrance B. There is a $2 parking fee. The kiosk for paying for parking is located between entrances B and C.

Patrick Cauldwell and Scott Hanselman


Continuous Integration is more than just a fad; it's darn near required to survive anymore.
Join Patrick Cauldwell and Scott Hanselman as they talk about one of Corillian's product's build processes. They will explore NUnit, NAnt, custom NAnt Tasks, automatic reporting of errors, and unit test failures as well as Cruise Control.NET which can enable you to create an Enterprise Wide Build Dashboard for all the pointy-haired bosses to oogle at. It'll be fun, informative, and fast pace.

Clear your calendar now! You really want to be here for this one.

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# Friday, April 8, 2005

As mentioned previously (my gosh, that was over a month ago!?!), Jesann was scheduled for a little bit of surgery. We had that surgery on Wednesday.

We arrived at 7:30 in the morning and started the prep work for Jesann's 9:30 start. They took us across the street to put in wires that help direct the doctor to the cancer location and inject radiation to see where it would go. No problems with that procedure and they let me come in the room this time. Thank heavens!

We then went to nuclear medicine to take pictures of where the radiation went after that. Very cool machine… probably very expensive, too ;-). They even printed an extra sheet for us to take home with us. Kind of fascinating.

By the time that was done, it was time for surgery (11:30). We were finally separated. Now, the expectation was that surgery would take about an hour and a half and then she’d spend about an hour in recovery. That would have put us back in the short stay unit at about 2pm and heading home after that. Of course, things don’t always go as expected, do they?

I finally saw the doctor around 2:30. Things had gone well and the initial check of the ‘sentinel lymph node’ didn’t show any concern or spread. There will be further analysis and we will get the final word at post-op next week.

Jesann finally made it back to SSU a bit before 4pm. Oh, and she was out of it. Seems between surgery and recovery, they gave her about 17mg of morphine. She’s decided she doesn’t like morphine :-). Between the lethargy and the sick stomach, we finally headed home at around 8pm. We barely made it to Costco before close to pick up her prescription and headed home.

We thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Gosh, it’s good to be on the other side of that day!

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# Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My gosh! I can't believe our very own Rory Blyth is ready for the big step. It's been wonderful watching him grow from a timid young blogger into an internationally known blogger extrodinaire. Now, he's ready to take that final step to completely fulfill his life.

During their little vacation to Fiji, he asked Aydika the question. Although he doesn't explicitly say so, I think we can presume she said "yes," too.

Great big warm and fuzzy Congratulations to you Rory! You've made an excellent decision!

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Poor young Scott. He's been able to avoid it to this point, but after an ambush in the halls, he's no longer allowed to resist. He gets the KoolAid.

Rory wants to help, but is held back by the thugs.

You can be a witness to it all by visiting the third in the TechEd video series from these guys. Another funny clip!

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# Saturday, March 26, 2005

Another funny item via Steve Bass' Tips & Tweaks column on PC World:

[Rod Shelley]

These images are the result of 8 years in the retail computer industry - 8 years that are thankfully behind me. I used to work in the service department in a retail store of a very famous computer company (think cows...). During this time, I was able to observe (and preserve for posterity) the aftereffects of the - shall we say - "technology challenged" folks. My friends and relatives couldn't believe the stories I told - thus this collection of photos.

Check it out!

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# Thursday, March 17, 2005

So the remaining question is: When will the DVD be released?

Scott and Rory thrill us again with their grand understanding of all things .NET and development orienting. Of course, they get a really important lesson in K.I.S.S. If only they could go to TechEd and learn more about this stuff! Oh wait, they are going!

Go check out the fabulous video/ad.


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# Tuesday, March 15, 2005

[Some slightly gory detail, but not too bad]

It's coming to the close of flu and cold season around these parts and as is the norm, I couldn't resist getting a little bit under the weather. As Jesann pointed out, with all the stuff going on around here, I'm probably in a bit of a weakened state.


In all my years, somehow I've managed to avoid very serious stuff. Technically, I suppose I'm not too bad off now, either, but it turns out I have walking pneumonia. It just seems strange to consider. I've been coughing for two weeks straight. Yesterday, when I started coughing up blood, I thought it might be important to talk to the doctor.

After a quick examination, she sent me down for a chest x-ray. Sure enough, they found my lungs cloudy (or whatever tips them off). I got my prescription (which I can read much better with the experience I've gained at Daverci), ran to Costco to pick it up (>$50!), and started the regimen last night.

I expect that I will be feeling myself by the weekend. Just knowing that makes me happy.

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# Friday, March 11, 2005

I know - this is so '90's. Back in the summer of '99, I decided to participate in that little thing called SETI@Home. I had several computers under my influence and figured, what the heck? I might as well keep the dang machine busy while I'm away.

I just noticed a link to my blog this evening from SETI@Home's 10,000 Page. I was surprised, to be sure. I hardly even notice the little shell window up at the top of my third monitor anymore.

Sure enough, though, I reached the 10,000 mark yesterday. Only 27,287 people have 'analyzed' more data units than I have putting me nearly to the 99.5th percentile.

Shouldn't I get an automatic boost in my Nerd Score for this?

Friday, March 11, 2005 11:41:17 PM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)  #    Comments [1]

Spring has come early to us here in the Northwest. In fact, we have nearly the same weather that Jim is having way down there in Tampa, Florida. Darn it all! Let's celebrate!

It's time to have another Nerd Dinner!

What: Portland Nerd Dinner
Where: Washington Square Mall food court
When: Thursday, March 24, starting around 6:30 PM
Why: Because we miss Jim L

Be there and be square.

Spread the word!

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Rory and Scott have been busy fellas lately. I've seen them in the planning stages - all animated and excited. It has now come to fruition. They are pimping for TechEd.

This is funny stuff. Heck, even my wife got a kick out of it and she doesn't even know who Don Box is; and her perspective of Chris Sells is "Naked Chris".

Yes, that's Rory in a men's room. Need I sell it any more?

Friday, March 11, 2005 10:58:48 PM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)  #    Comments [0]

I happened across a keyboard shortcut that I've wanted to know for a long time but didn't take the time to search for. By hitting <ctrl>*, you can turn the paragraph marks on and off quickly and easily.

Having spent a good deal of time in Word (tech writing classes, physics labs, etc.), this is one of those things that I should have taken a few moments to seek out. Today, purely by accident, I found this shortcut. I don't want to forget this one.

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# Sunday, March 6, 2005

(...at least as a resident)

It took awhile to gather the photos from this fabulous event and get them posted, but they are here now. Please enjoy them!

And yes, despite what the rumors say, he did put the thi(o)ng on his head. Tux did look happy there, too ;-).

Just in case you worry, there is video, too. It has been captured and is simply awaiting a little quality time for me to cut it down to a reasonable length and get it posted.

Stay Tuned!

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# Saturday, March 5, 2005

First of all, my posting restart is getting started... we'll be working to keep it up.

Now, note that there are a few bad words in the following, but if you've seen Office Space and still have a soft spot for Super Friends, you will get a kick out of this clip:


It reminds me of watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Thanks to my buddy Chris for pointing us to this clip.

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# Friday, March 4, 2005

Amazing that it's been two weeks since I last posted. I actually got a note from a friend today wondering if everything was okay! If nothing else, it sure is nice to know someone cares :-).

The short version is, I'm not on the computer enough lately. At least not long enough to gather my thoughts and leave a note for posterity. I started a job with a company in Hillsboro named Daverci. They are developing software that will be used between pharmacies and long-term care facilities to track medications and initialize orders. It's one of those areas that is still too dependent on paper.

It's great to actually go out and do the coding that I've been practicing for in school. I'm feeling pretty good about what I've learned, too.

On the other side of things, Jesann had a lump found. Talk about your massive bit of stressor. This one has been making me crazy for weeks now. It's hard to know what to say or do... I don't usually lack so much for words. This week, we found out that they should be able to make her well with a (relatively) simple lumpectomy. It's really strange how, what would have been bad news a month ago (the lumpectomy), is suddenly a miraculous event.

I really have to thank the folks at Daverci for allowing me the time to go with Jesann to the doctor appointments. I don't know if I'm doing all that much, but I sure as heck don't want to be away from her during these things.

Oh... and to that point, Legacy Good Samaritan, your people are wonderful and caring (thanks, Denise!), but please, don't ever try keeping me from going in with my wife again for a simple procedure. I'm not going to faint if I'm there, but I will have a problem if I'm not. It's that important to me.

I'm sure my blogging will continue to be a bit more spaced out (time-wise, not tone-wise ;-)), but I'll try to be better. Heck, with Nerd Dinner time approaching and the next PADNUG meeting right around the corner, I have to get some posting done!

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# Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hello Everyone!

It's time to let everyone know what we have planned for the February PADNUG (http://www.padnug.org) meeting. As has been the case for the last few months, meetings have moved to the **NEW LOCATION**. Please make a note of it!

WHAT: February PADNUG meeting.
WHEN: Wednesday 02/23/2005
6:00 p.m. Pizza, Sponsored by 3Leaf (http://www.3leaf.com)
6:30 p.m. Presentation
**WHERE: PCC Auditorium at Capital Center
( http://www.capital.ous.edu/directions.html)
18640 NW Walker Road
Beaverton, Oregon
The auditorium is in room 1508 through entrance B. There is a $2 parking fee. The kiosk for paying for parking is located between entrances B and C.

Chris Tavares

TOPIC: Microsoft Enterprise Library (formerly App Blocks)
Chris Tavares will talk about the MS Enterprise Library: Ever felt that you've done this code before? Enterprise Library is the new version of the Microsoft Application Blocks, providing implementations of common features like logging, exception handling, data access, and more. We'll look at what Enterprise Library provides, how to extend it, and what the differences are from the previous Application Blocks.

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# Wednesday, February 16, 2005

...and catch a ride to see The Hitchhiker's Guide on April 29! Definitely a movie on my short list. Chris is rounding up the Portland Nerds for a trip to see the flick on opening day. I know that I'll be looking to take the afternoon off for this :-). (clip (for now)|clip)

I lost track of the number of times I've read these books. I enjoy all of the Douglas Adams stories. Several years ago (could it really be 17 years?), I managed to get down to Powell's Books to get a signed copy of The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. Trust me, I'm generally not one to go out of my way for something like that. I just had to meet Adams and shake his hand.

Keep an eye out for a bunch of nerds wandering around, looking up in to the heavens near the end of April. And remember, if you can't see what they are seeing, it just might be Somebody Else's Problem.

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# Sunday, February 13, 2005

I just couldn't resist any longer. I had to find the best picture I got with Jim and Tux together.

You'll notice that Jim's Tux is much larger than the one in the 'canned' picture that Jim displayed on his site. He just doesn't want to brag, I'm sure.

Further, I want to dispel an ugly rumor going around regarding this thoing being on Jim's head... it was on his head most of the evening. I know that it must be hard to believe; especially with the lack of alcohol available in the mall, but this is just the kind of thoing that occurs when Nerds are let out into the wild.

As mentioned here, I will be working with Rory and Jason to make sure that we don't miss a PND beat in Jim's absence. This has become a wonderful tradition and we want to honor Bliz's memory by continuing it in perpetuity.

Hey, maybe in Jim's honor, we can retitle this thoing, "The JB Portland Nerd Dinner." Of course, there would probably be too many ruffians coming out for a taste of Jim Beam. That could definitely strike fear into the heart of many a coy little nerd.

With a little bit of luck and time, I'll come up with a little bit of video from our celebration, too.

[Update: There seems to be somethong wrong with my keyboard... Please forgive all of the mixups with the 'o' and the 'i' above ;-)]

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# Saturday, February 12, 2005

I spent the last four years back in school getting a BS degree in Software Engineering. It's been a most excellent journey and I have been really happy with all I've learned. I wanted to do this stuff twenty years ago, but mistakenly took a business path in school. I'm better now.

Well, if you follow the link above, you will see me effuse over the Computer Software Engineering Technology (CSET) program I attended at PCC and the Director of it, Taylor Hanna. That experience was top notch and I am so happy that I stumbled upon it while looking to start taking some programming classes. Lucky, I was, that day.

Not only was the program good, but we had a great class. I made some good friends there and learned so much with their help. Absolutely amazing!

This week, I found out that PCC was cancelling the CSET program.

As I've mentioned before, CSET was probably not the easiest program to get through at PCC. It probably didn't fit the mold for community college programs. But it's a shame to see it hit the floor like that. I wonder what might have happened with just a bit of decent marketing behind it. I know there are plenty of us out here that would have given glowing testimonials to them.

It sounds like Taylor will still be there at PCC teaching in the CS/CIS area. If you find yourself there, take his class. And, say 'hi' for me.

Thanks to Taylor and everyone else that made it possible for me to learn all I did there. You've improved my stature and enjoyement in life immensely and I appreciate it.

Saturday, February 12, 2005 10:11:22 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)  #    Comments [0]