# Saturday, March 17, 2007
The Living Room Theater

Why have I forgotten to mention this place before now?

It is a spectacular theater in Vancouver, Washington that provides a near perfect viewing experience for your favorite movies.

We went to see "300" up there (GREAT movie, btw!). This was our third time going to the theater and our first time in a Living Room Theater (pictured at the right). Just in case we weren't already convinced that this is the best theater ever built, the LR Theater pushed us over the top.

I never really understood how good a movie's picture could be. The sound is phenomenal; the seats are luxurious; and the food, beer, wine, and concessions are fabulous - and yes, you can dine and drink in the Living Room Theaters. I don't use the word 'dine' lightly, either.

From the Cinetopia FAQ site:

10 Reasons to make Cinetopia your first theater choice:

  1. Extra Wide Leather Seating
  2. Extra Wide Rows
  3. 50% Steeper Stadium Seating
  4. Digital Super High Definition Projection
  5. Finest Dolby / Klipsch Sound System
  6. Giant Curved Screens up to 50 feet wide
  7. Special Living Room Theaters with Private Box Seating
  8. Premium Concessions / Gourmet Popcorn Bar
  9. Gourmet Restaurant – 4 Star Chef
  10. Lunch and Dinner available in Theaters
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