# Friday, June 23, 2006

A group from work went to have lunch at the Merchant of Venice Cafe today and had an absolutely horrible time of it. I guess the quickest way to go is to bullet the problems...

  • Smallish circular table for seven big guys... and no, they can't push two other tables together for us despite having done so for an other group despite the specific request to do so.
  • "Sorry... not enough menus so you'll have to share." Three menus for seven people and one 'Specials' sheet. First, there was hardly anyone in the place yet. Second, why don't you have enough for everyone?
  • Small glass of lemonade of which they ran out... and still charged the full two dollar price!
  • Three of us ordered small pizzas. Mine was different. They brought out three of the same.
  • The waiter actually came back w/ the wrong pizza and asked, "wouldn't you like the same pizza as your friends?" You've got to be kidding!
  • The remake of the pizza took so long, I finally told him that we needed to go and to forget it. It was still on the bill.
  • It took so long for the bill to arrive that the pizza finished. He offered to pack it and not charge; even though it had already been charged.
  • Got the togo... it was burnt, not as-ordered, and packed in a box half the size needed.

I've been to this store once before and it was fine. This time convinced me to never go again. The fact that everything went wrong is forgivable if they take the time and effort to make it up to you. They just didn't seem to care.

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