# Wednesday, September 7, 2005

I've been using the 'natural' keyboards for several years now and find them absolutely wonderful. One thing that has disappointed me, though, is the lack of 'reverse slope' on the most recent versions of these keyboards. That problem has been solved!

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Me wanna!

I'm hoping that Costco will have this soon. Heck, maybe they already do. I knew I needed to go over there for something this week.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005 8:59:14 PM (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)
Okay...now that's just strange!

Personal note:
We spent a week at the Kincade's cabin in August, it was wonderful. Wade H. and his family joined us, seemed like old times with the house full of 11 kids! Just followed the usual routine: sandcastles, beach walks, swimming (with wetsuits this year), buy some crab, eat some taffy, play some games (roborally, Bang!, and others from Days of Wonder <--- check them out for the best quality games in the US)
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